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We manufacture Heroes

Working towards the creation of Brazilian heroes, we at Hero Factory appreciate your visits. The purpose of this site is to provide all kinds of information of our achievements and also everything related to the world of gaming and otaku. We wish you all good fun.

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XD recue robot

Robô de resgate xd


Hero Factory Brazil -Summary of work in 2013

Por Irio de Jesus Silveira
Sexta, 21 de Outubro de 2013 - 12h40

Tema : Tokusatsu, Hero Factory Brasil



Hero Factory Brasil

Hero Factory Brazil



This month has been very productive for us in the group Hero Factory Brazil, as well as is almost finished our fifth episode of the first season "Robot Rescue XD" the success of our old production again increased the number of visits on social networks. On youtube, for example, compute mias 1060 entries with 2,419,123 total views of our videos. Also we are posting our former productions in our Facebook page, each with a large number of access, a true viral! We also noted an increase of 50% hits on our website that reaches more than four thousand hits daily, these data encourage us and much to continue with the project and we believe we can further.



Animeman-Quinto episódio de Robô de Resgate XD

Animeman-fifth episode of Robot Rescue XD

Saturday is the day to prepare for the next day we'll be filming the fifth episode of Robot Rescue XD,



Princess Jasebel

Princess Jasebel

Jesebel Princess has been kidnapped on his home planet along with her twin sister by space pirates Madmachine to be sacrificed in a ritual led by the evil...



Princess Jasebel

Princess Jasebel

Jesebel Princess has been kidnapped on his home planet along with her twin sister by space pirates Madmachine to be sacrificed in a ritual led by the evil...



Guncyber força de elite

Guncyber elite force

Guncyber was the first to be trained for a new elite force known as Cyberbio that combines the highest technology with the Galactic Police biocybernetic.



Cosmobattle game da Hero Factory


Cosmobattle the next game will be the hero factory

In March the Hero Factory economies have a game with the theme of Cosmic Patrol



New! Photo Gallery Herofactory

Every day will be updated photos of our productions

segundo episódio de XD rescue Robot


Tokusatsu Robot Rescue Rescuing a second ep XD macumbado

XD faces El Diablo, a robot parasite, which fit with your body armor, connects with a human host, controlling their actions.

Hero Factory

Testando o croma no estudio da Hero Factory

Want to start 2012 off right

While for many 2012 will be the end of the world for us is just the beginning.

Professor Irlayne Silveira

Irlayne Silveira

In these last two months the Hero Factory participated in two important events, the first was in Resende RJ SUB HERO FAST on November 19 organized by businessman Matsumoto also a member of the group. The event aims to foster and promote the work done by in those 10 years old and had a lot of people interested


Tokusatsu Nacional

Hero Factory em Co-Produção com Rede Globo

The branch of Globo is preparing a story on Super Tokusatsu, that's right, and the focus of the report we will group Hero Factory

Gun Cyber

Hero Factory

Cyber ​​Gun

Cosmic Patrol. How it all began

Birth of the Galactic Federation

XD Rescue Robot.

XD Rescue Robot

New Web Series Herofactory

XD is the newest Web Herofactory Series produced by the team that has not given debut


HeroFactory third part of the backstage

See the best parts of our background

The day-to-day of our recordings

Planeta Arbud

Prison planet, Planet Arbud.

Continued emergence of Cosmic Patrol

Second part of the emergence of Cosmic Patrol Cyberbio

XD Rescue Robot

Hero Factory

XD Rescue Robot

Robô de resgate XD a nova Web Série da Hero Factory já está disponível para internet no youtube.



Next month in June 2012, we will launch our new album, "Robot Rescue XD", a source of great satisfaction for us to take the kick-start the adventures of the robot vigilant character Irlayne Silveira, who always appeared in some of the vignettes our productions and other events that became known anime Round the back, bar quietly and Resende since 2007, where he made his first appearance in public in the last edition of the anime craze in Volta Redondo-rj. Continued ..

Eventos de otakus

Cyberbio appears on AnimeShow

If you are an event organizer of anime and would like to display our products to your audience, please contact us


Aventuras de XD Robot

The Adventures of Rescue Robot XD

We are almost completing episodes of Rescue Robot XD and hope to please those who always accompanies us in our productions, and of course, win new admirers.


Super Heroina da Justiça

Tokusatsu Hentai ?

Zen Pictures is a producer best known in Japan and the world that produces films that mixes Hentai and Tokusatsu with super sexy Japanese actresses that make any grown man's head. The film has no sex scenes, but many spicy. Here the producer put some movies.